My case against Trident in Plymouth, 19/5/15

My case against Trident in Plymouth, 19/5/15


In July last year, I was arrested for blocking the gate of Devonport Docks, where the Trident nuclear weapons fleet is serviced. This was part of my long-running commitment to raise awareness about the proposed Trident renewal and to challenge it’s legality through peaceful protest. There is due to be a one or two day trial with me and my co-defendant Nikki Clarke at Plymouth Magistrates Court on Tuesday May 19th.

The government’s position is that I was breaking the law, by disrupting “lawful work” on the HMS Vengeance submarine. My position is that it is the government who are breaking an international treaty by upgrading Britain’s nuclear arsenal, and that work on maintaining a nuclear weapons systems is itself unlawful.

At my trial three expert witnesses will testify on international humanitarian law, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and the threat that holding nuclear weapons poses to our security and safety in the southwest. Because it is an indiscriminate “Weapon of Mass destruction”, the Trident warheads could never be fired without committing a crime against humanity, as set out by the International Court of Justice.

This makes it all the more outrageous that the other major English political parties are prepared to commit between 75 and 100 billion of public money to the renewal of Trident missiles, while there is allegedly not enough money to pay our nurses a fair wage, upgrade our flood defences or keep our public services running.

I am proud of the stand I have taken over Trident – the planned expenditure is a public scandal and the open flouting of our commitment to international law makes the world a more dangerous place for our children. I have every hope of proving my case in court, but if the District Judge still finds against me, the penalty will be a fine of up to £2,500.

My neighbour Michael Eavis, award winning farmer and Glastonbury Festival host, has very kindly offered to pay any fine arising from my case, as he strongly agrees with me that Britain’s Trident WMD should be scrapped, and the money should be spent instead on maintaining and upgrading the essential public services we all need.


5 Responses to “My case against Trident in Plymouth, 19/5/15”

  1. Ian Tippet Says:

    Keep up the good work you two, we all hope you win.

  2. Caitlin Collins Says:

    Many many thanks to both of you, Theo and Michael Eavis.

  3. Reblogged this on Radiation Free Lakeland and commented:
    Nikki and Theo …your stand against Trident is an inspiration. Thank You Both

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