Michael Eavis backs Trident protest neighbour Theo

Farmer Michael Eavis with neighbour Theo Simon in front of Gastonbury Festival's Pyramid Stage.
Farmer Michael Eavis with neighbour Theo Simon in front of Gastonbury Festival’s Pyramid Stage.

“I’m backing my neighbours stand against Trident” 

Michael Eavis lends his support to Theo Simon in his case at the weapons trial in Plymouth on the 19th of May.

Theo was arrested in July 2014 after joining a blockade of the Trident nuclear weapons dock at Devonport in Plymouth. He has been charged with interrupting “lawful work” on the missile system, but intends to challenge the lawfulness of any work on nuclear weapons at his trial in Plymouth on May 19th.

Award-winning farmer Michael Eavis has been a lifelong opponent of nuclear weapons, and Glastonbury Festival has showcased the anti-nuclear cause since its beginning, regularly donating to CND.

“Over forty years ago we were young parents worried stiff about the possibility of an imminent nuclear war. We joined forces with the Anti-Vietnam War crowd to form the C.N.D movement and built huge numbers of supporters.”
“I know a lot of people thought we were nutters from the loony left. But the Vietnam war, and all of the wars since have been proven to have been horribly futile. Is it just a possibility that as we were right then, couldn’t we be right now?”
“Trident missiles are going to cost us zillions to upgrade, and clearly the usefulness of Trident in preventing war has been completely flawed. We’ve had more wars since the nuclear deterrent than ever in our history.”

Theo plays in the local band ‘Seize the Day’ who perform regularly on Green Field stages at the Festival. After they discussed the case, Michael wanted to support Theo’s stand by offering to help with his costs, should he lose his case in the court next week.


One Response to “Michael Eavis backs Trident protest neighbour Theo”

  1. wiseupwales Says:

    All the best with this, Theo.
    William McNeilly may need some help soon with his stand against Trident. Please share info and be ready to support him.

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