The last gasp for Hinkley C?


This could be the week that EDF’s new nuclear ambition in Britain collapses, and with it, the climate-killing policies of our government. And this could be the week that YOU help make this happen!

On Tuesday Feb 16 in France, EDF’s board will meet and try to make their postponed ‘final decision’ about whether to go any further with the ill-fated Hinkley C new nuclear plant. The Board of the state-owned company is split, with union reps warning that the Somerset project could bankrupt EDF, who already face massive financial difficulties.

The repeatedly delayed decision is now on a knife-edge – bad news for the Tories, but brilliant news for renewables and everyone who wants a safe, clean, affordable and democratic power supply.

So the people who work on the campaign against Hinkley C want you to help us tip the balance, by joining a protest at an EDF premises on Monday 15th Feb, or doing one of your own; By emailing French representatives and executives; By spreading information far and wide.

If EDF pull the plug on their Hinkley C pipe-dream on Tuesday, the Sizewell B plans will follow, and the energy strategy of the Tories will be in tatters. Hitachi, chosen to build another new nuclear plant at Wylfa, will think again. Osborne will be finished, and all the Tories will have left is a dash for gas and fracking, (which looks to be meeting unbeatable resistance anyway).

The end of Hinkley C will open the way for a massive (and cheaper) renewables roll-out in the southwest and beyond, 100s of thousands of real climate jobs, the freeing up of grid capacity currently reserved for new nuclear – and a few less nuclear hazards on the horizon of our rapidly changing world.

So before the Tuesday meeting, we need to show the decision-makers in France that the project is unpopular and will be resisted in the UK, and remind the French people, via their media, that THEY will also have to pay for EDF’s folly, if the French state decides to bail out EDF’s doomed Hinkley C adventure any longer.

The only people who still pretend to believe in Hinkley C are a handful of cronies around George Osborne, some Somerset councillors whose reputations are at stake, and part of the EDF executive. Seeing the delays and spiralling costs of their other 2 projects in Finland and France, public confidence in EDF’s reactors has ebbed away. The technology itself is now obsolete, before it has even been completed.

The bottom line is that despite massive subsidies and price-fixing by the UK govt, despite a promise last year of 30% investment from China’s nuclear weapon manufacturers, and despite our planning officials and industry regulators breaking every rule in the book to open the way for EDF, the company STILL can’t raise enough cash to realistically commit to beginning construction.

It would be a shame to waste this opportunity to put the old radioactive white elephant out of its misery. Look for updates and posts at one of the following – they will be announcing a protest event in the southwest for Monday 15th Feb, and hopefully posting some email addresses if they can locate them. Or else, just find your local EDF shop or offices, and pull together some people for your own event, take pictures, with placards in French as well as English, share and tell the media.

It’s just one day, but what you do on Monday 15th Feb could change our future for the better. Gotta be worth a shot!

Look for updates about demo and email addresses on these Facebook sites:

Stop Hinkley Facebook

Osborne’s NRG Folly

South West Against Nuclear (SWAN) Facebook


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